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Nancy Kremer has worked in Hollywood discovering and managing young adults from the Midwest with enormous success for over 2 decades.  

She studied at The Writer’s Bootcamp Two Year Professional Course where she has completed several features and pilots. 

Nancy was attracted to the life story of Max Gerson from a very personal experience.  Her father was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that had spread to his bone marrow.  Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN gave him 6 months to 2 years to live.  After implementing the Gerson Therapy, her father lived another 14+ years. He finally succumbed to fibrosis of the lungs, cancer free.

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Nancy Kremer

Ryan McCartan is known for his television roles as Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Picture Show for FOX and Diggie in Disney Channel’s Liv & Maddie.  New York audiences know his work as the lead role of JD in Heathers: The Musical off-Broadway.  He composes, produces, and performs his own music.

Kammy Kenman is a creative entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in conceptualizing, creating and executing all kinds of projects. She tackles challenges head on and is a problem solver in whatever she does.  She's built multiple companies from retail & design to leadership and online marketing. She's done this through vision, time management, team building and creating work environments that are energetic and fruitful.


His experience in front and behind the camera spans across two decades and several state lines. As an actor, he learned the foundation of his craft over several years in the theater, in Boston, MA with the critically-acclaimed company, The Harrison Project. Eventually setting his sights on TV and Film, Luis made his move to LA in 1997.

After many testing years, Luis began to build a solid reputation as a performer within the casting community. His TV Guest star credits include: Six Feet Under, The X Files, The Shield, CSI:Miami, as well as a recurring role in the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated PBS series, American Family: Journey of Dreams. His film credits include Havoc, directed by Oscar-nominee Barbara Kopple, and starring Anne Hathaway and Freddy Rodriguez, as well as the cult hit, God's Army. Most recently he can be seen in two indie features, the first as DEA Agent Arturo Rezendes in Zak Forsman's highly anticipated, Down And Dangerous, as well as the award-winning spy thriller, A Lonely Place For Dying, alongside Hollywood heavyweights, James Cromwell and Michael Wincott.

After several years of continuing work as an actor, Luis' restless nature led him to explore other facets of filmmaking: writing, directing and editing. His first short, El Taxista has been an official selection of 19 festivals world-wide and has received 5 awards and 5 nominations to date. In 2010, Luis founded Center for the Cinematic Arts, Inc.--half production company, half education center. The workshops offered at CFCA, Inc. are 'Actor's Gym' and 'Gym Shorts', both designed to provide actors on-set experience education. He has gone on to direct over fifty short films for CFCA, Inc., as well as TV series mini-pilot, The Retreat. He has completed the highly-controversial feature documentary, The Reality of Truth as editor through CFCA, Inc., and is diligently working on the upcoming feature film, Santos, based on a true story, which he will be directing

Ryan McCartan