Max Gerson, growing up fascinated with nature and healing his own body, is instructed by the local Rabbi and Elders that he is to be a doctor.  He is pulled from medical school to work on the front lines of WWI.  After the war, he starts a family and sets up a practice in small-town Germany, where he focuses on scientific research of the relationship between diet and healing.  While attempting to cure migraines through diet, he unintentionally cures lupus; and by refining the diet further, finds he is able to cure cancer.  On his way to Vienna to authenticate his research for publication, he barely escapes arrest by Nazi Troopers.   

Escaping to New York, he sets up a practice but finds difficulty with Americans’ lack of self-discipline.  He is able to fund a sanitarium in upstate New York where he finds success healing terminal cancer patients who have exhausted all mainstream treatment options. The Gotham hospital in New York, allows him 20 beds in a research ward where he continues to research diet and it's effect on cancer.

In the late 1940’s, Congress is looking to fund cancer research.  A sub-committee in Foreign Affairs brings doctors from all over the world to testify about their cancer research in order to validate the $100 million funding.  Max and his patients testify in front of the Congressional Committee on the healing nature of his dietary protocols.

Soon after, Raymond Gram Swing, a veteran radio personality, broadcasts nationally about Max Gerson’s congressional testimony.  ABC Executives, under pressure from sponsors, senators and the medical community, demand he retracts.  Raymond, feeling censored, refuses to retract. Swing’s 30 year radio career with ABC is then ended. 

Max finds out that his congressional testimony was redacted, he is put on the blacklist of "Unproven Therapies" by the American Cancer Society, his New York medical license is suspended,  and he is ostracized by the medical community as a quack.

Max decides to write a book to reach the people directly. His secretary is paid to covertly steal his research and case studies - and eventually, to put arsenic in his daily coffee.   He succumbs to illness, assigning his daughter, Charlotte, with the responsibility to promulgate his research and healing practices.